Arm Yourself with Rod’s Award-Winning Sauces and Rubs

On the national barbecue competition circuit, Rod Gray has racked up more perfect scores than the next four teams combined! How does he do it? With his EAT Barbecue sauces and rubs he’s made available to you!

For the first time ever, Rod’s sauces and rubs are available for online purchase or exclusively at Kansas City’s 49 Price Chopper locations. The following EAT Barbecue products are available:

  • IPO Barbecue Sauce (sweet with a vinegar twang, leaving a warmth on the back of the throat)
  • The Next Big Thing Barbecue Sauce (on the sweet side with hints of smoke and spice)
  • The Most Powerful Stuff All Purpose Rub (well-rounded seasoning rub)
  • Zero to Hero Sweet Rub (sweet seasoning rub)

“I’ve always wanted to make my sauces and rubs available once I had them perfected. I hope they help you create delicious and mouth-watering Kansas City barbecue right in your own grill, pit or oven,” says Rod.

What if Rod could do the cooking for you? Sounds tasty, huh? Find out more here.


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